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Navozyme's pioneering DeepTech solutions facilitate critical real-time data interchange between maritime stakeholders to unleash value for all. Join the revolution!

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A complete suite of DeepTech solutions for the global maritime industry


Easy Port Call Administration for Maritime & Port Authorities, Vessel Masters and Ship Agents with safe, compliant and speedy solutions.

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Decongestion and bunkering optimisation specially designed for Port Authorities, Bunker Suppliers, Ship Agents and Vessel Masters.

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The next-generation solution for Issuers to manage Seafarers' digital identities, medical &  training certificates and other credentials.

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Port Authorities, MARPOL Operators, Ship Agents and Vessel Masters get real-time ships' waste-data, e-Waste Delivery Receipts, and more.

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Customizable Dashboard

Choose from hundreds of templates and customize your dashboard for each project.

Real-time Analytics

Analyze your team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster.

The impact of our DeepTech solutions

Navozyme promotes a sustainable and circular blue economy.






Global Partnerships




Blockchain Enabled E-certs issued

2.5M mt

Potential GHG Savings

Strategic Value Drivers


Risk Mitigation & Real-Time Control

Effortless control with peace of mind over your global operations! Real-time decision-making support to give you the competitive edge.   See it in action at NMap™


Enhanced Safety & Regulatory Compliance

Automated work flows developed in compliance with international maritime regulations. Prevent human error and enhance safety! See it in action at NSwap™


Decarbonisation Gains & Cost Savings

We optimize port operations. Quicker vessel turnarounds, less wasted fuel burn and a lower GHGs. See it in action at NBunker™

Loved by industry leaders

"Navozyme's maritime solutions are transforming the industry, redefining efficiency, ensuring seamless navigation and elevating ships´overall performance at sea."
Capt. Stephen Thomas
PYA Board Member
"Navozyme deployed a structured and collaborative approach to the system development and as a result IAMI is proud to operate a world-leading digital solution"
Lars Lippuner
President at IAMI UK
"MAAP is proud to be the first Filipino training institution to adopt Navozyme's NCap™ and to pioneer the adoption of the blockchain enabled eletronic certificates."
Jo Ann L. Manuel
Registrar at MAAP Philippines
"We chose Navozyme™ to create a new platform to enhance services we provide whilst improving the security & data exchange within our various processes."
Gary Hindmarch
Secretary at IAMI UK
"I am definitely honoured to use Navozyme's NCap™ Wallet; one of the best initiatives to improve the documentation of training certificates in maritime."
Gorexx Alfred Lim
Cadet at Misuga Ship Mgmt.

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