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Accurate and compliant port calls handled with ease

NMap™ streamlines port call admin processes, enabling Ship Agents to handle more calls. The DeepTech platform exchanges secure real-time data between Vessels and Maritime & Port Authorities, ensuring safe, accurate and compliant port calls.   
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Trusted by INDUSTRY leaders

Specially designed for leading Ship Agents

NMap™ is available to select Ship Agents starting the first half of 2024. Be amongst the first to benefit.

Gain a unique competitive advantage

Enhance your reputation

Grow your clients with less hassle

Smarter Port Clearances

NMapTM connects to National and Local Single Window and Port Community Systems, where applicable. The Ship Agent has full control as the information flows seamlessly from the Vessel to the different parties.  

Real-time full control over data flows

Eliminate risk of manual entries

Harmonise operations across multiple ports

Gain strategic advantages via DeepTech

NMAPTM future proofs your business by eliminating risks that could destroy your reputation.  Smart algorithms check for regulatory compliance and data quality to avoid expensive errors.

Data veracity via Distributed Ledger Technology

Cybersecurity gains, no more email attachments

100% Compliant with IMO Regulations

Why NMap™?

Because it sets smart Ship Agents apart from the rest of the pack! NMapTM enhances reputation, future-proof's the business and provides an edge over competitors.

Handle more port calls with ease

Enhance reputation

Collaborate anywhere

Designed for remote and hybrid organizations, Projectile is a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team smooth and intuitive.

Get detailed analytics

Analyze your team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster. Get automated updates, alerts and reports at the frequency you set.

DeepTech at your service. Smart Ship Agents already know NMapTM

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This project has received public funding from the Puertos del Estado's Ports 4.0 fund in the Commercial Stage