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Compliant and real time e-WDRs for MARPOL

Effortlessly record vessel's waste data and generate electronic waste declarations with a few clicks. Simplify processes while ensuring precision and adherence to regulations.
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NSwap™ for MARPOL Operators

NSwapTM accelerates the digital transformation of Port Reception Facility service providers a.k.a. MARPOL Operators and provides sustainable competitive advantages.

Seamless MARPOL regulatory compliance

Real-time data veracity for easier audits

Promotes sustainability goals by elimination of paper

Integrated with Ports

NSwapTM is connected to Port Community Systems (PCS). This integration enables direct and real-time data interchange between the Port Authority and the MARPOL Operators enabling accurate and seamless operations.

Real-time accurate data of vessel's service requests

e-WDR generated and shared easily

Accurate and quicker reporting of ship's waste data

DeepTech power to MARPOL operators!

NSwapTM provides cloud and mobile interfaces for MARPOL Operator personnel to conduct their business with ease. Whether its generating the e-WDR, or sending a copy to the agent or vessel, the work is completed with a few taps via the NSwapTM app!

Data veracity ensured via blockchain technology

Cloud & mobile interfaces for flexibility and ease

From complexity to simplicity via NSwapTM

Why NSwap™?

Gain competitive advantages and enhance your reputation. Move from "complexity to simplicity" while strenghtening compliance and reducing risk!

Connected directly to the Port Authority and the Agent

Ensures MARPOL regulatory compliance

e-WDR data veracity via blockchain technology

Collaborate anywhere

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Get detailed analytics

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Go from complexity to simplicity. Try it now.

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This project has received public funding from the Puertos del Estado's Ports 4.0 fund in the Commercial Stage