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Secure compliant credentials

The next-generation solution to manage seafarers' credentials. Issue, revoke, and validate credentials with just a few clicks.
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Trusted by INDUSTRY leaders

NCap™ for reputed Flags & Maritime Training Institutions

DeepTech power to digitally transform and future proof your organisation.

Enhance compliance and reduce risk

Strengthen Data Privacy and Cybersecurity

Increase reputation and set a higher standard

Issue IMO compliant credentials effortlessly

Issue e-credentials directly and in real-time to the seafarers' mobile wallet. NCap™ can handle any type of credential be it an STCW or a Non STCW certificate, a Digital Identity, a Medical Certificate or an internal training certificate.

Compliant with IMO Guidelines for e-certificates  

Flexible to incorporate diverse certificate templates

Multiple signatories and customised process flows

Revoke credentials at any time

Revoke fraudulent or erroneous credentials in real-time to ensure safety and safeguard trust.

Safeguard Reputation

Eliminate Fraud

Foster sustainability by eliminating paper and couriers

Easy setup & integration

NCapTM is available anytime, anywhere. No installation required! Issuers (Flags, Maritime Training Institutions, Medical Centers, etc.) are able to integrate existing systems via NCapTM APIs.

Secure Web Cloud Interface

REST APIs , Easy integration with legacy systems

Delightful Customer Service

Collaborate anywhere

Designed for remote and hybrid organizations, Projectile is a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team smooth and intuitive.

Get detailed analytics

Analyze your team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster. Get automated updates, alerts and reports at the frequency you set.

Leading Flags & Maritime Training Institutions already use NCapTM

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