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Optimise bunkering and reduce port congestion

A digital platform facilitating real-time interchange of critical bunker-related data. NBunker™ promotes circularity, optimises global bunkering operations, and reduces GHG emissions.
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The solution in action

A powerful deep-tech enabled platform for Port Authorities, Bunker Suppliers, Bunker Barges, Vessels, Surveyors, Pilots and Agents to optimise bunker operations conducted at anchorage or at berth. Reduce idle time & wasted fuel burn, gain enhanced productivity and reduce your carbon footprint. Gain a unique competitive advantage and become more profitable.  

DLT for data veracity

Seamless API integration

Real-time interchange of data

Reduced waiting time for vessels and bunker barges

Reducing vessel idle time and unnecessary manouvres eliminates wasted fuel burn lowering costs and emissions for a more sustainable and streamlined maritime shipping process.

AI-ML algorithm provides optimum schedules

Real-time events tracking of all bunker operations

Pre & Post bunkering documents automated

Quicker turnarounds

NBunker reduces the carbon footprint per vessel in the port area by eliminating wasted fuel burn. For bunkering operations conducted at anchorage, the AI-ML algorithm also takes into account the available anchorage area maximising port productivity.

Lower GHGs

Boosted port productivity

Enhanced reputation and competitivenesx

Why NBunker™?

Spend less time on organizing and tracking, and more time on core functions for your projects.

Set up workflows only once

Tweak and use for multiple projects

Automate reminders, alerts and more

Collaborate anywhere

Designed for remote and hybrid organizations, Projectile is a shared workspace that makes collaborating with your team smooth and intuitive.

Get detailed analytics

Analyze your team’s performance, identify and solve bottlenecks faster. Get automated updates, alerts and reports at the frequency you set.

Go from waiting to Just-In-Time arrival.
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This project has received public funding from the Puertos del Estado's Ports 4.0 fund in the Idea Stage